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TVEA Meeting

About TVEA

The Tri-Valley Executives Association (Tri-Valley Execs) is a dynamic business networking organization with the primary purpose of developing viable business relationships and exchanging qualified sales referrals. The first Executives Association was formed in San Francisco in 1925, with the Tri-Valley group established in 1984.


Membership currently includes includes owners and managers of over 40 small and medium-size businesses.

Every member is expected to participate to build their personal network while also helping the entire organization grow and prosper. One way we accomplish this is by making every member a "lead producer.”

When each member is providing leads to other members, it creates a sales force for each member's business. Referrals and endorsements from members for your business are invaluable and have a significant, positive impact on your bottom line. 

At the Tri-Valley Execs, we understand how valuable a seat is. That is the reason we only allow one company to represent a category. This process allows our members to help each other because they are never competing for the same type of referrals. We believe in complementing, not competing, with each other. 

TVEA Meeting

Do good and good will come to you.

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